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Express Logistics Delay

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  This notice is to inform you that we have to suspend logistics after authorities announced a partial lockdown in Ningde due to a rise of COVID-19 cases.

  All external passages are subject to traffic control, except for point-to-point contactless loading and unloading, closed-loop management trucks and emergency vehicles, all other vehicles are prohibited from passing.

  Because of lockdown we may experience some production delays.

  We are closely monitoring this ongoing situation and we will keep you updated on any further developments.

  To ensure that you receive your order in a timely fashion, we recommend that you place your order at least 3 to 4 weeks before you anticipate needing your product.

  Delays in processing mail and parcels in Ningde due to COVID-19 measures & transport capacity issues.

  Expected delays: about 2 weeks.

  We will be following up with the situation closely and will strive to dispatch goods with as little delay as possible.

  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and hope for your understanding in this matter.

  We will diligently seek  to the best of our ability and minimise the effects of these delays on you.

  Your understanding for this unprecedented event is highly appreciated.

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