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Hall Speed Sensor

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Built-in imported chip

Bandwidth 20KHZ

With protection circuit (can be used in harsh environments)

Temperature resistance -40~150℃

Brass nickel plated housing (anti-oxidation)

Solid Probe (Robust and Durable)

Protection level IP68


Cap: Nitrile rubber

Lead wire: extra soft temperature resistant and flame retardant silicone wire (-60-200℃), 0.5 square tinned wire core

Lead Length: 460mm

Lead Sleeve: Silicone Fiberglass Tube (-60-200℃)

Housing and Mounting Nut: Nickel-plated brass

Installation thread

M16*1.5 or M18*1.5, others can be customized

Gear Requirements

Module:>=2 Material: Magnetic Metal

Installation diagram



① Red wire: Positive power supply (+) 4.5-24 VDC

② Black wire: negative pole of power supply (-)

③ Blue line: signal output (signal)

Output characteristics

square wave pulse signal, the amplitude is about the input voltage value


Usage scenarios

measuring rotational speed or speed of generator sets, engines, vehicles, ships, motors, machine tools, construction machinery, etc.

Integrity, Efficiency, Service, Win-Win



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