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Multifunction Gauges

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Turn Light Gensets Vehicles Stainless Speedometer

Speedometers are used to measure and display the speed and mileage of vehicles, mostly used in vehicles such as

construction vehicles and buses.


Mounting size: 85 mm

Range: 0-140MPH 、0-200MPH 、0-120KM/H、0-200KM/H、0-3000RPM

Operating voltage: 9-32 V (12 V / 24 V)

Backlight: Red

Input signal : Pulse signal


● Suitable for all ships, boats, yachts, etc.

● The signal goes directly from the satellite receiver signal (speed sensor GPS)

● The sensor has the advantages of high accuracy, fast position confirmation, and short start time.

● IP67 waterproof and dustproof class: class

● With a curved glass (with anti-fog function)


Integrity, Efficiency, Service, Win-Win



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