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Eosin Diesel Engine Hour Meter Timing Gauge 9W1491


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  • 9W1491

  • 52 mm Gauges

  • Iron

  • Marine engines Construction machines Gensets Vehicles

Product Description

Eosin Diesel Engine Hour Meter Timing Gauge 9W1491

Hourmeter for engine operating hours will help make it easy to stick to a proper maintenance schedule.

It is only activated when the engine is running so only genuine engine operating hours are counted.

It is widely used in marine engines,construction machines, gensets, vehicles and other fields. Just like a car's odometer, an hour meter cannot be spun backward, but they can be replaced.


● Indicates elapsed engine operating hours 0 - 10,000H

Laser-welded dual domed lenses protect against water intrusion and eliminate fogging

LED-backlit dial (amber) to minimize current consumption and optimize nighttime viewing

Integrated LED warning indicator (red)

● 1-Year limited warranty


Installation Diameter: 2-1/16" (52 mm)

Dial: Onyx (black) back-lit dial, full hours (white on black) and 1/10 hours (red on white), dual domed glass lenses

Current Draw: < 30 mA at 12 Volt DC (without illumination)

● Nominal Voltage: 12 / 24 Volt DC

Operating Temperature: -40 to +80°C, plated bezels (chrome) -40°C to +70°C

Ingress Protection (gauge front): IP67 (Dustproof / protected against temporary immersion to depth of 1 m)

Integrity, Efficiency, Service, Win-Win



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