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Our sensors mainly include liquid level sensor, oil pressure sensor, odometer sensor, water temperature sensor and speed sensor.
The water temperature sensor and oil pressure sensor are mostly matched with the instrument. The sensor adopts high-quality thermistor, which can be customized by customers, such as ohm value, thread, alarm value and so on. The main types of liquid level sensors are reed switch type and variable resistance type, which are simple, easy to use, cost-effective,It has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, standard resistance signal output, and a wide operating temperature range.
The speed sensor is mainly divided into Magnetic Speed Sensor and Hall Speed Sensor. It adopts brass nickel-plated shell (anti-oxidation), and the interior is welded by precision spot welding machine, which is firm and reliable. Sensors are mainly used in generator sets, engines, vehicles, ships, motors, machine tools, construction machinery, etc.

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