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Fujian Eosin Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. It is a professional manufacturer of design,
research and development, and production of instruments and sensors.our gauge main products: water temperature  gauge, oil pressure gauge, GPS odometer, hourmeter,fuel gauge,speedometer,tachometers,volt gauge...Eosin has a professional production and sales team and 6 technical engineers.
we have adopted strict quality control systems, such as waterproofing, anti-fog, vibration
testing, transient testing and finished product sampling testing, etc. we won the title of AAA-level integrity supplier.

Our gauges are mainly divided into coil-type instrument, stepper motor type meters and chronographs. Part of the coil-type instrument is made of ABS shell and fully sealed structure design. TVS transient suppression tube is added inside, built-in integrated LED light, salt spray resistance 72 hours and anti-fog glass. The other part is made of iron shell, which has a simple structure and strong overload capacity, so it has a long life and is not easy to be damaged. Products are widely used in engineering vehicles, forklifts, generator sets, excavators and other equipment.

Stepper motor instruments are widely used in ships, yachts, fishing boats, etc. Both have a wide voltage range of 9-32V, and the dials are available in black and white.Optional, the color of the background light is adjustable, with higher precision and stronger waterproofness.

Industrial hourmeter, novel structure, high precision, stable and reliable performance, long life and wide adaptability to the environment. it is widely used Used for construction machinery, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, generators, air compressors, water pumps, driving, various types of vehicles Provide scientific basis for accumulating actual working time charges and tracking and monitoring the assessment and maintenance cycle of precision instruments and equipment.

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