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Important information with the Basic Maintenance of your boat's gauges

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The simple meter and sensor arrangement does require some basic maintenance:

1. Remove oil-pressure sensor units from the engine every year and clean any oil sludge or deposits out of the sensor orifice. These tend to clog, causing incorrect readings. When sensor units are badly grounded on the engine block, it's often found that Teflon tape is incorrectly applied to the threads. Do not use Teflon tape as this creates a high-resistance contact and causes incorrect or even no meter readings. The same advice applies to temperature sensors.

2. Check that tachometer sensors that pick up from the engine flywheel are secure. A common cause of failure is damage to the sensor head caused by striking the flywheel when it comes loose.

3. Check wiring and ensure it is secure and not chafing or rubbing on any surfaces. Check that the sensor terminal and wire connections are tight and clean.

4. For mechanically activated gauges, check capillary tubes for any signs of rubbing or chafing and ensure that tubing is secure.

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