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The Development of Automobile Instrument Control Technology

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The car instrument is used to display various operating parameters, faults and other information of the of the required parts. Analog gauges have dominated since the inception of automotive gauges, although in recent years Many instrument display technologies such as LCD and laser analog pointers have appeared, but the intuitiveness of pointer instrument display, etc.

The advantages are still preferred by the vast majority of cars. A lot of information is displayed by the rotation of the pointer, so The importance of pointer control technology in the instrument can be seen.

The development of automobile instrument pointer control technology can be divided into 4 generations according to its working principle:

1. Mechanical instrument: The drive of this type of instrument pointer is completely mechanical, and the instrument is connected to a flexible shaft.

There is a wire cable, the other end of the flexible shaft is connected to the gear of the transmission, and the rotation of the gear drives the wire cable to rotate.

Turn, the wire cable drives a magnet in the speedometer cover to rotate, and induces a torque with the magnet, and the pointer immediately follows.

Rotate together. The structure of this type of instrument is complex, and it is prone to failures such as disconnection of the flexible shaft.

2. Electrical instrument: Based on the principle of electrical measurement, the measured non-electrical quantity is converted into an electrical signal and added to the measurement through the sensor. The sensor itself is part of the pointer control circuit, which consists of discrete analog electronic components. such The circuit design of the instrument is complicated and the reliability is not high.

3. Analog circuit electronic type: This type of instrument mostly adopts the form of quadrature coil to drive the magnetic steel mandrel and then drive the pointer

rotate. Such instruments have high reliability and good consistency, and are still widely used.

4. All-digital instrument: This category refers to that each input signal of the instrument is converted into a digital signal, which is The CPU (central processing unit) collects signals, and drives the display through a dedicated drive circuit after accurate calculation. There are pointers, LCD, etc. displayed, among which the control methods of the pointers are mostly stepper motors.

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